return expatriates from UAE
return expatriates from UAE

The passengers were disappointed that my return flight from the Emirates was unable to take off on Saturday.


The UAE-based Indian luxury groups are concerned about the fate of future return flights from the Emirates after they could not afford two charter flights to India on Saturday in the absence of approval from the authorities in India.

The Islamic Cultural Center in Kerala, a charitable organization, said Etihad’s EY254 flight from Abu Dhabi to Kozhikode on Saturday should be canceled “at the last minute” because the General Civil Aviation Administration (DGCA) did not send the necessary permission to land in India.

The plane, carrying 183 passengers, was scheduled to leave at 2.20 pm from Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Even though official comments from the Indian or Emirati authorities are not immediately available, Indian media reports indicate that Emirati airlines have been orally informed of a decision preventing them from operating any additional flights back to India.

However, the lack of official contact or the reason for depriving Emirati airlines of operating repatriation flights raises concern among arrivals, as more Indians are deported from the United Arab Emirates through flights operated by Willavar groups and companies than those through Government trips back home.

“We were surprised because the approvals of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation usually come just a few hours before takeoff. We got all the necessary approvals from the Indian embassy and the state government in Kerala. So we had no reason to worry,” Ali thanked and said KMCC chief Abu Dhabi, Bay Times.

"We have no idea what is happening. No official authority or airline has given us an indication of the reason for the refusal to consent."

Ali said that in the past months his organization has operated 13 return flights from Abu Dhabi to assist more than 2,500 Indians to return. With the exception of the first two Joytair flights, all airlines were from Etihad Airways in Abu Dhabi.

Likewise, the return flight from Sharjah to Madurai did not take off on Saturday morning due to the lack of approval of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation. QMS, a Tamil social organization under the umbrella of KMCC, said 168 passengers could not return home.