Increase employment in UAE
Increase employment in UAE

Employment consultants say that the majority of companies in the UAE will adopt a wait-and-see approach for new hiring, but activity can increase after the summer.


According to Vijay Gandhi, the Regional Director, "Since organizations look to hire after the summer from September, flexible transfers help, but in the vast majority of cases, entities will" wait and watch "before the regular hiring activity begins." Corn Ferry.

He pointed out that more jobs were announced and that recruitment activity was rising. However, the appointment decision takes longer and job creation takes 4-6 weeks of interview selection compared to 4-6 days in the past due to changes in the work culture due to the Corona virus 19.

The new normal in the country has returned, with the economy open and companies returning to work at 100 per cent. However, the full impact of the jobs will be evident during the summer, depending on recovery to the new normal.

He added: "We are witnessing employment activity in both routine jobs - such as drivers, logistics coordinators, etc. - and professional roles - such as procurement, operations, learning, development, etc. - in the healthcare and e-commerce sectors."

Employment consultants say employers should monitor good talent and the talent acquisition team should actively search for good profiles.

Akram Assaf, Chief Technology Officer,, said that a large number of companies would be infected with coronavirus but pointed to the internet / e-commerce and distribution / logistics and software development with good growth potential.