Imprisonment and deportation for an Asian
Imprisonment and deportation for an Asian

Dubai Criminal Court ruled that an Asian waiter was imprisoned for three months and deported from the state after he was found guilty of filming his roommates while taking a shower with his mobile phone that he was hiding in the photographic position in various places, including the bathroom ceiling, and the Public Prosecution directed him to commit the felony of coercive indecency.

One of the victims (waitress in a fast food restaurant) said that she lives in a shared residence in a building in the Muraqqabat area, accompanied by a number of people, women and men, as the apartment is divided into seven rooms by wooden partitions, and includes five toilets and a shared kitchen.

She added that she was in the bathroom on August 26 and went out at about five in the morning, heading to her room to change her clothes and go to work, and when she was about to leave, she saw a gold-colored mobile phone lying on the floor of the door at a suspicious angle to her room, so she picked it up to discover that it was in video mode. Then, I was surprised by the defendant pulling the phone from her hand, but she pulled it again and entered the photo and video files to discover a number of clips of her and her roommates while they were taking a shower and in different situations, so she informed the police directly and handed the phone to its members.

She explained that she did not see the last recording of her while she was changing her clothes, because the accused wiped it directly when he snatched the phone from her hand, but she saw a video of her while showering and other clips of women, including three of her friends, likely that he was fixing the phone to the ceiling of the bathroom, because the videos are vertical. The faces of a number of victims are clearly revealed.

She indicated that she asked him why he did so, but he did not reply and he was satisfied with the apology, pointing out that he is an introverted person and has never tried to open an emotional conversation or establish a relationship with any of the women in the dormitory.

Another victim reported that she was asleep when she heard the first victim's screaming and ran to the place to see the accused's violence with a golden-colored phone in her hand, and was shocked when she was surprised by a video of her while she was bathing, and she informed the police of this, noting that the accused moved to the residence only two months before the incident. But she found dozens of clips on his phone, some of them of women whose faces were not clearly visible, unlike her video, which showed them clearly.

For his part, the accused admitted during the investigations of the Public Prosecution Office of his intention to photograph his housemates while they were bathing and changing their clothes in their rooms.