Dr. Tarek Bin Khadem announced a decision to activate the system of remote work and grant employees paid leave, and that a package of instructions and instructions will be issued to ensure the progress of work with efficiency and quality required, in addition to the preventive instructions and guidelines for those whorequire their work to be present in the workplace.

According to the head of the Human Resources Department in the Government of Sharjah, the activation of the system of remote work for all employees, announced as of today, based on the high directives and in the interest of the safety of all.

The decision reported by Sharjah TV excluded employees whose work requires their work to be located at the workplace, with a weekly rotation of employees and a career card of at least 50% according to the need for work.

The resolution stressed that staff should not be crammed into one place.

Under a declaration, employees of entities whose work has been temporarily suspended due to the procedures will be granted special paid leave.

The resolution also stipulated that assisted employment should be reduced and that they should be granted special paid leave.

Dr. Tariq Sultan Bin Khadem, Head of Human Resources Department in Sharjah, stressed that based on the high guidelines, and in order to ensure the safety of community members and employees of the Government of Sharjah, it was decided that the system of work will be applied remotely to all employees except employees whose work requires being present at the Work, to rotate these employees weekly and with a staff of not less than 50% according to the need for work, pointing out that the Government of Sharjah takes all precautionary measures to ensure the reduction of proliferation.