Dubai-based airlines have confirmed that tourists holding "Covid" certificates can enter Dubai and explore the city without having to undergo a period of isolation or a stone.


The certificate must have been issued up to 96 hours before travel.

However, those who do not have a negative Covid Certificate will need to undergo a PCR test when arriving at Dubai airports and self-isolation in order to receive their negative results.

“If passengers choose to take the PCR test upon arrival in Dubai, they must isolate themselves until the test results are received.

If the test result is negative, passengers can leave the hotel and enjoy the flight as usual. However, if the test result is and Emirates Airlines said in a statement, "This is positive, passengers are required to follow the advice of the Dubai Health Authority and self-isolation."

Budget carrier flydubai said that if the passenger test was positive for Covid-19, he / she would have to monitor the quarantine for 14 days. The airline also advised passengers to comply with all Covid-19 precautions in place in Dubai "including wearing a mask, monitoring social distancing and washing your hands regularly".