low level of services for Egyptian workers
low level of services for Egyptian workers

In the recent period, there are many incidents between some Kuwaiti citizens attacking Egyptian expatriates in Kuwait, including deputies in the People's Assembly, as well as ordinary citizens, but the Kuwaiti authorities do not allow such acts.


In detail, a Kuwaiti citizen named Reem stirred strife between Kuwaitis and Egyptians through a video on social networking sites and attacked the Egyptians heavily, and that is why the Egyptians were very angry and many media professionals and social media celebrities took a response to it and showed the reality of the Egyptians and the extent of the strong relationship between the two countries.

 Among those criticisms, the Egyptian workers were held responsible for the low level of services in Kuwait, but Hajjaj Boukhdour said he defended them and said that loading the Egyptian workers is responsible for the low level of services is unjust and misleading.

He explained that the national employment in the government sector represents 74% and expatriate labor represents 26%, while employment in the private sector, Asian employment represents more than 60%, most of which is Indian labor, which represents 32% of the total employment in the private sector, followed by Egyptian labor and represents 19%
Indians make up 27% of the largest proportion of the expatriate workforce, followed by employment from sister Egypt, accounting for 24%, followed by national labor, which represents 19%, and then Pakistani and Bangladeshi workers, representing 13%.