King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa
King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa

His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the beloved monarch of the country, may God preserve and sponsor him, issued Royal Order No. 16 of 2021 with judicial promotions that included 41 civil and Sharia judges and representatives of the Public Prosecution.


And based on what was stated in the high order, the following was decided:

First: Each of the following shall be appointed as a judge in the court of cassation, and a first public attorney at the level of a judge in the court of cassation, each of the following:

1) Judge Salah Ahmad Abbas Al-Qattan.
2) Judge Ibrahim Sultan Ibrahim Al-Zayed.
3) Judge Khaled Ahmed Saleh Al-Midfa.
4) Judge Abdullah Muhammad Ali Al-Ashraf.
5) Counselor Dr. Ahmed Muhammad Ali Al Hammadi (Senior Attorney General)
6) Counselor Osama Ali Jassim Al-Oufi. (Senior Attorney General)
7) Counselor Haroun Othman Youssef Al-Zayani. (Senior Attorney General)
8) Judge Ali Ahmad Jumaa al-Kaabi.
9) Judge Ali Khalifa Ahmad Al-Dhahrani.
10) Judge Muhammad Mirza Muhammad Aman.
11) Judge Khalifa Rashid Ahmed Majiran.
12) Judge Jumah Abdullah Muhammad al-Musa.
13) Counselor Hussain Muhammad Husayn al-Buali. (Senior Attorney General)
14) Counselor Nayef Yusef Mohamed Mahmoud (Senior General Advocate)
15) Judge Sheikh Hamad bin Salman bin Muhammad Al Khalifa.
16) Judge Khaled Ibrahim Metwally Mahmoud.
17) His Eminence Sheikh Walid Abdel Moneim Ahmed Al Mahmoud.
18) Sheikh Dr. Abdul Rahman Muhammad Khalifa Al-Fadil.
19) Sheikh Dr. Abdul Rahman Dirar Abdul Rahman Al-Shaer.
20) His Eminence Sheikh Salah Abdulaziz Abdullah Abdullah.
21) His Eminence Sheikh Faisal Jawad Ali Al-Mishaal.
22) His Eminence Sheikh Abd al-Nabi Abbas Muhammad Ali.
23) His Eminence Sheikh Zakaria Abdullah Ali Abdullah.

Second: A public attorney shall be appointed at the rank of chief of the Civil Supreme Court of Appeal, each of the following:
1) Counselor Sameh Muhammad Ragheb Seif.
2) Counselor Amina Issa Abdullah Mubarak.

Third: Each of the following shall be appointed as a judge at the Supreme Civil Court of Appeal, and as a public attorney at the rank of a judge in the High Civil Court of Appeal.
1) Counselor Fahd Khaled Muhammad Al-Buainain (Public Advocate)
2) Counselor Nawaf Abdulaziz Abdul Rahman Al-Awadi. (Attorney General)
3) Counselor Dr. Ali Abbas Ahmed Al-Shuwaikh (Public Advocate)
4) Judge Sheikh Rashid bin Ahmed bin Abdullah Al Khalifa.
5) Counselor Muhanna Muhanna Al-Shayji. (Attorney General)
6) Judge Abdulaziz Ali Muhammad Al-Jabri.
7) Judge Hussein Hamid Salih Al-Serafi.
8) Judge Adela Habib Hassan Abdullah.
9) Judge Salman Abdullah Abd Al-Redha Al-Asfour.

Fourth: Each of the following shall be appointed as a judge at the Sharia Supreme Court of Appeal:
1) His Eminence Sheikh Nawaf Muhammad Hassan Al-Mirbati.
2) His Eminence Sheikh Abdullah Muhammad Abdullah Al-Najdi.
3) His Eminence Sheikh Jaafar Ali Hassan Al-Aali.
4) His Eminence Sheikh Hassan Ahmed Al Sheikh Khalaf Al Asfour.

Fifth: An attorney shall be appointed at the Grand Sharia Court, each of the following:
1) His Eminence Sheikh Omar bin Daij bin Abdullah Al Khalifa.
2) His Eminence Sheikh Suleiman Sheikh Mansour Muhammad Al-Sitri.
3) His Eminence Sheikh Saeed Jaafar Rashid Hammad.