Covid-19 swab test
Covid-19 swab test

The Ministry of Community Protection decided to amend the price of conducting Corona virus test, to become 150 dirhams instead of 250 dirhams previously, in the private health sector supervised by the ministry.


In a circular of its destination to all health facilities and laboratories providing the Covid 19 PCR examination service, the Ministry confirmed that this amount includes taking the sample and examining it, indicating the importance of concerted efforts of all parties to combat the spread of the virus and the need to adhere to the new price and work to facilitate the provision of health services to members of society.

And the Dubai Health Authority has set the price of a polymerase chain test (PCR) for Coronavirus (Covid-19) in all private sector facilities in the emirate at a maximum amount of 150 dirhams, including all fees, including taking a swab, conducting a laboratory examination, issuing the result or certificate.

Finally, the authority warned, in a circular addressed to all health facilities licensed by it in Dubai, against imposing any additional fees such as fees for urgent examinations or issuing the result within a shorter or faster period of time, noting that the procedure and provision of the laboratory examination service for Coronavirus (PCR) is limited to Taking the nasal swab in the health facilities authorized to do so by the authority.

The authority clarified that the home service for laboratory examination of the Coronavirus PCR is provided for a maximum amount of 250 dirhams, including all fees, while refraining from imposing any additional fees, and the authority called on all concerned establishments to adhere to these decisions in order to avoid any legal accountability.

The Dubai Health Authority had gradually reduced the price of the polymerase chain test for Covid-19 virus gradually, starting last September, from 370 dirhams to 250 dirhams, then from 250 to 150 dirhams.

Previously, the authority identified 17 laboratories to conduct the polymerase chain test, which are: AGOMEX laboratory in Al Barsha South 2, Al Zahra Hospital in Al Barsha, American Hospital Oud Maitha, Mina Lab in Al Quoz 4, Emirates Hospital Laboratory in Dubai Healthcare City, Eurofins Biominis Laboratory in Al Bada area, Freiburg Medical Laboratory In Al Karama area, Iranian hospital laboratory in Al Bada area, virology laboratory at Latifa Hospital in Oud Maitha, all laboratories in Med Clinic Group of Dubai hospitals, MedSall Dubai medical laboratory in Al Muraqqabat area, National reference laboratory in Al Barsha South 2, Pure Health laboratory at Dubai Airport, Clinical scientific laboratories (UniLabs) ) In Jumeirah, Star Metropolis Clinical Laboratory in Al Hamriya, Fivit Genome Laboratory in Al Bada area, York Diagnostic Laboratories in JLT.