A second wave of Corona in Kuwait
A second wave of Corona in Kuwait

The Minister of Health, Sheikh Dr. Basil Al-Sabah, expressed his optimism about the emergence of a vaccination against the emerging corona virus, expecting that "things will become more clear during the month of September, as the companies concerned in developing vaccines continue their work."

Minister Al-Sabah said that “the Public Health Department, in coordination with the Higher Consultative Committee, is studying all options in this regard and the best that Kuwait can do, as there is continuous communication with international organizations and research institutions, but matters have not been resolved yet.”

On the possibility of a second wave of the virus in Kuwait, Minister Al-Sabah saw that "the occurrence of the second wave is not excluded, especially with the restart of the airport," stressing that "the Ministry takes precautions for that."

He pointed out that «the virus according to the opinions of specialists will not end, but will be the case of seasonal flu or swine flu H1N1», indicating that «it may not be necessary to vaccinate all people, but part of them at least».

He reassured: “A lot of voices came up against the swine flu vaccine, and here it is today and nothing on it, as any vaccination does not go out to the market and is used only after its adoption internationally, so there is no need to worry about vaccinations, and the vaccine is the solution to the world from this pandemic.”