Infecting 31 people from one family
Infecting 31 people from one family

The Ministry of Health revealed today, Tuesday, its monitoring of existing cases of contacts that led to the transmission of infection to more than one member of the family and other families, as details of the effect of the contacts indicated that several members of a Bahraini family were infected with the virus because they did not follow the instructions issued not to exit except for the necessities of living with an obligation to diverge The social workers did not take the necessary precautions as soon as the symptoms of the virus appeared on them, and some family members also mixed with relatives in other family gatherings, which caused the transmission of infection to them as well, which resulted in a total outcome until the moment of 31 existing cases and the tracking of Thayer continued to account for all cases of mixing these cases, who in turn had been transferred to the infection of all Khalthm, as a result of a failure to follow the decisions and guidelines awareness for HIV prevention.


Health noted the need to adhere to the citizens and residents to the instructions and decisions issued by the official authorities, awareness and sensitivity of the virus is a successful treatment to prevent it in a way that preserves the health and safety of all, and cut the chain of transmission between the community.

The Ministry of Health confirmed that there are several cases that have caused the transmission of infection to its family, relatives and surroundings, because they did not follow the issued instructions, decisions and precautionary measures, which led to the exacerbation of cases among members of their families, and therefore the Ministry renews its call to citizens and residents to continue to adhere to the decisions and procedures issued by the national team to tackle a virus Corona (Covid 19) and lack of tolerance of the risk that failure to comply with the measures taken to transmit the virus between individuals and society.

The Ministry stated that daily laboratory tests showed an increase in the number of cases in the Corona virus caused by people in contact with existing cases due to their non-compliance with the virus's precautionary decisions and procedures, and the necessary health guidelines.

The Ministry of Health stressed the need for citizens and residents to adhere to the recommendations of the national medical team to address the Corona virus in order to preserve the health and safety of everyone during the month of Ramadan, which is to limit breakfast gatherings to small family gatherings and not to set up gaps and Ramadan councils, in addition to the need to adhere to wearing masks and face masks and apply measures Social separation, and their exit from the necessities of living only in a way that guarantees the continuity of freedom of movement and supports all national efforts to combat the Corona virus (Covid 19).

The Ministry of Health noted that the risk of coronavirus must be detected despite national efforts to combat it, as the virus is still in the stages of its global spread and has not been reached until today for the vaccine that treats it, but there are many attempts to reach it, and that the treatment protocol that Bahrain follows helps But it is not anti-virus treatment, stressing that prevention is better than cure by following the procedures, preventive measures and instructions issued by the official authorities.