travelers arriving to Bahrain
travelers arriving to Bahrain

The Ministry of Health confirmed that the curative health services for the Corona virus continue to be free of charge for citizens and residents in the Kingdom of Bahrain under the supervision of qualified medical staff according to the guidelines and standards approved by the World Health Organization, considering the health and safety of citizens and residents a top priority that underpins all plans in all stages of the challenge of the Corona virus (Covid- 19), noting that it continues with determination all precautionary measures and preventive measures to limit the spread of the virus, with many countries resuming lifting the suspension of international flights, restarting their airports, and resuming airlines and air carriers to operate their flights.




The Ministry of Health noted that all travelers coming to the Kingdom of Bahrain through Bahrain International Airport starting from 12 am on Tuesday, July 21, 2020, must undergo a laboratory test when they arrive at the airport at their own expense at a cost of 30 Bahraini dinars, where they can pay the cost of Examination through the application of "conscious society" before they board the plane heading to the Kingdom, which contributes to the speedy completion of procedures, in addition to the platforms in the airport that allow payment in cash and electronic by bank and credit cards, with the exception of members of the aircraft crews, diplomats, travelers on official missions and returnees Of medical trips, where the competent authorities of civil aviation will coordinate with airlines and airport authorities in this regard.

The ministry added that incoming travelers must also submit to a preventive quarantine for a period of 10 days, in addition to the need to conduct a quarantine expiry examination and that the traveler bear the cost of the examination, which is 30 BD. The arrivals must download and register the "conscious community" application, in order to complete the procedures required in the medical data form, which are required by the precautionary measures established to deal with the Corona virus.

The Ministry of Health has also stated that citizens of the Kingdom of Bahrain who wish to travel must ensure the procedures adopted in the countries to which they are heading, and they will also have to certify that they bear full responsibility for the health or other medical expenses that may result from their travel if the need arises while they are abroad, in addition to To bear the cost of laboratory tests for the Coronavirus when they return to the territory of the Kingdom and subject to the approved protocol, by agreeing to the electronic declaration in the application of a "conscious community" or signing the paper declaration before departure.

The Ministry indicated that travelers via transit flights are not subject to examination or any of the procedures mentioned, calling on all travelers coming to the Kingdom to call 444 in the event that anyone feels the symptoms of the virus and follow the instructions that will be given to them.