Head of the Egyptian Labor Office in Kuwait for Egyptians holding temporary residency : Adjust your status or leave
Head of the Egyptian Labor Office in Kuwait for Egyptians holding temporary residency : Adjust your status or leave

The head of the Egyptian Labor Representation Office in the State of Kuwait Ahmed Ibrahim confirmed that the State of Kuwait called for violators of the residency law on 1/1/2020 and before it to review the relevant residency affairs department.

and pay the fines incurred by it during the period from the first to the end of December 2020 in preparation for granting it Residence in accordance with the conditions and controls established in this regard.

Ibrahim said in a report that he submitted to the Egyptian Minister of Manpower, Muhammad Saafan, that according to the decisions of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior, whoever wishes to leave must pay the amount of the fines he owes in preparation for giving him a notice to leave. “He must leave during the grace period granted by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior in order for him to return again. .

The Egyptian labor attaché warned the violators who would not change their situation within the prescribed period of taking all legal measures against him and removing him from the country, and he would not be allowed to return again.

With regard to holders of temporary and automatically renewed residency, Article (14) affirmed that they must leave the country before the expiry of the period of residence granted to them before the date of tomorrow corresponding to Monday, corresponding to November 30, or to settle their status by obtaining the residency according to the conditions and controls established in this regard and before this date.

He pointed out that holders of temporary residency "automatically renewed" who will not amend their status within the specified period will fall under the penalty of violating the foreigners' residency law, and all legal measures will be taken against them and deported from the country, and they will not be allowed to return again.

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