While the decision to stop the permanence imprint in government agencies is still in effect until further notice, since the beginning of the Corona crisis, and sources said that the discussion about the alternatives presented in this framework is in its final stages.


Informed sources revealed that several government agencies have begun preparing to work with a face print to prove attendance and departure at the beginning of the New Year, instead of the fingerprint suspended due to precautionary measures to confront the emerging Corona virus (Covid-19).

The sources stated that “the bodies in which the fingerprint will be applied, both civil and military,” indicating “preparations have been taken in this regard, including identifying sites for the process of identifying the fingerprint of each employee, and installing the necessary devices in light of the contract with the competent companies.”

And while clarifying that discussions are still going on regarding fingerprinting between the various concerned authorities, the sources emphasized that "controlling the working hours and times of attendance and departure needs to be dealt with accurately and seriously, in order to maintain the required productivity and prevent any manipulation."

It is reported that a ruling issued by the Court of Appeal recently ruled that the cancellation of the fingerprint is unconstitutional, so that the employee is obligated to attend and leave at the specified dates, and this is proven by the fingerprint in government agencies.