layoffs of expatriate workers, employees in Kuwait
layoffs of expatriate workers, employees in Kuwait

The agency's report stated that many host countries had previously courted the experiences of these foreign workers, pointing out that measures such as increasing visa restrictions, fewer jobs, and government pressure on companies to hire citizens force many expatriates to return to their home countries.

"Several countries hosting expatriates recorded some kind of violent reaction from citizens towards foreigners, so it was easier to lay them off from their jobs and return to their country," Bloomberg quoted William Harvey, a professor at the University of Exeter who studies talent management and immigration.
Muhammad is from Hong Kong, he used to work for a Kuwaiti airline and his work was good, but the effects of the Corona pandemic forced the company to reduce costs and reduce the number of employees, and Muhammad was among them, and the company was forced to reduce its workforce and laid off workers and employees from both expatriates and Kuwaitis.
And Mohammed says: “Everything was going well, and I was happy with my work in Kuwait, but the Corona virus, unfortunately, changed everything. Now I am in Hong Kong trying to stay here, while my wife and children stayed in Kuwait, and I cannot bring them back here now.” .

Bloomberg pointed out that there is no new and reliable data on the movement of arrivals around the world, but several countries are recording a remarkable movement of these people, and reported that an Indian official said in September that about 100 Indians register daily for return trips to their country from Singapore.
Bloomberg said: "Some of the return movement to their countries is voluntary, of course, as the Corona epidemic has forced many workers to confront whether they want to stay away from family and friends or return to their countries."