Gatherings are not permitted on the UAE National Day
Gatherings are not permitted on the UAE National Day

Authorities said Tuesday that as the major holidays approach the UAE National Day to Christmas and New Year, residents are reminded that strict safety protocols for Covid-19 will remain in place and that celebrations should effectively take place and private gatherings are prohibited.


"Gatherings are not allowed for celebrations. Food or gifts cannot be exchanged. People can participate in celebrations by default," an official said during a UAE government briefing.

"Parties lasting more than three to four hours cannot be held without prior approval."

In licensed leisure facilities, safety guidelines will be strictly enforced: face masks are mandatory and thermal cameras must be fitted. Training personnel must be on site, and everyone will have to adhere to the social distancing two meter rule.

The official said, "For approved occasions, the designated employee must ensure that safety rules are followed in the venue." Cleaning and disinfection should take place around the clock in all public facilities.