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The Gulf states adopt what is known as the managed liberalization of energy prices, which constitute about 4 percent of their expenditures as a maximum of the average income of the Gulf citizen.

According to government data, gasoline prices in the UAE will witness stability, as premium gasoline prices will remain at 1.91 dirhams ($ 0.52), and regular gasoline prices will remain at 1.72 dirhams (0.47 dollars). And diesel prices will stabilize in the new month at the level of 2.06 dirhams / liter ($ 0.56).


Gasoline and diesel prices will be fixed in the Sultanate of Oman in the new month, with premium gasoline prices reaching 192 baisas ($ 0.50) in May 2020.

The Sultanate will fix the regular gasoline price in the Sultanate to 180 baisas ($ 0.47), and during the new month diesel prices in the Sultanate of Oman will remain at 217 baisas ($ 0.56).


The State of Qatar will reduce premium gasoline prices and diesel prices during May 2020 from the levels of last April.

The price of a liter of super gasoline "95" will be priced at about 1.05 riyals ($ 0.28) per liter, instead of last month's price of 1.30 riyals ($ 0.36).

The sale price of a liter of regular gasoline will drop from the level of 1.25 riyals ($ 0.34) to the price of riyals ($ 0.27) per liter, and the price of diesel will decrease from 1.30 riyals ($ 0.36) to the price of 1.05 riyals ($ 0.28) per liter.

The decline in fuel prices in Qatar coincides with the drop in global oil prices during the current month, due to shrinking demand for crude due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, the freezing of economies, and the nearness of storage depots.


 The Saudi Arabian Oil Company, "Saudi Aramco", announced earlier gasoline prices for the period from April 11 to May 10.

According to the monthly review of the prices of petroleum products, Aramco reduced the selling price of 95 liters of petrol to 1.47 riyals ($ 0.39) per liter, from 2.05 riyals ($ 0.54) per liter, and also reduced the price of petrol 91 to 1.31 riyals per liter (0.35 dollars) per liter of 1.55 riyals ($ 0.42) per liter.

Aramco maintained the prices of the remaining products at 0.47 riyals ($ 0.12) per liter of diesel, 0.64 riyals ($ 0.17) per liter of kerosene, and 0.75 riyals ($ 0.19) for LPG.

Kuwait and Bahrain

As for fuel prices in the State of Kuwait, no changes were announced, as the fuel prices in them were as follows: the price of premium gasoline was 105 fils ($ 0.345), regular gasoline was 85 fils ($ 0.279), and diesel was 115 fils ($ 0.378).

The Kingdom of Bahrain also did not announce any changes, as the price of fuel in it was as follows: the price of premium gasoline is 200 fils ($ 0.528), regular gasoline is 140 fils ($ 0.370), and diesel is 120 fils ($ 0.316), including VAT