Free influenza vaccination for all Abu Dhabi residents
Free influenza vaccination for all Abu Dhabi residents

Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) announced, on Monday, that it will provide free vaccination against influenza to all residents.


The UAE’s largest healthcare network will provide seasonal influenza vaccine in all healthcare facilities and “SEHA” will offer acupuncture in residents' homes in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, if needed.

This is part of the public health campaign called "Protect Yourself, Protect Your Community", launched by the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention, Health Department - Abu Dhabi, and Abu Dhabi Center for Public Health.

The joint campaign aims to raise awareness about the role of the integrated vaccine in preventing seasonal influenza. Moreover, it stresses the importance of vaccination for health care workers.

To receive the vaccine, individuals can call a health call center on 80050 to book an appointment. Patients who visit any health facility to get tested for Covid-19, and are "at risk," will be given the option to receive a flu vaccine.

In addition, residents can get vaccinations at home. The cost of the service is 500 dirhams per family, regardless of the number of people vaccinated. Appointments can be booked by calling 027117117. SEHA will supply companies in Abu Dhabi (0564103180) and Al Ain (0562187886).

Dr. Nora Al Ghaithi, Chief Operating Officer, Mobile Health Care Services, SEHA said: “In close cooperation with our partners, we have put in place a comprehensive plan to ensure that all members of our community have easy and safe access to the vaccine during this difficult time.

Both the influenza and Covid-19 viruses show similar symptoms, underscoring the importance of immunization this year to stay protected and relieve pressure on the healthcare sector. When more people are vaccinated, healthcare professionals will be able to dedicate their efforts to managing (the challenges at hand) ... due to Covid-19 and other critical medical conditions. "

SEHA is also vaccinating all of its employees as part of the annual campaign.