Free vaccination of the vaccine in Abu Dhabi
Free vaccination of the vaccine in Abu Dhabi

The Department of Education and Knowledge called on students' families to obtain the influenza vaccine and give it to their children, to ensure the continuity of the educational process and the school community not affected, stressing that it encourages parents, students and school workers to visit the nearest "health" primary care center, to obtain the vaccine for free.

She added: “With the onset of winter and the beginning of the influenza season’s spread, we launched, in cooperation with the Department of Health, a campaign to vaccinate students and their families against the seasonal influenza virus,” and she explained in messages sent to students' families: “While efforts are concerted in the community to limit the spread of (Covid-) infection. 19), preserving the health of students and the school community remains our top priority, especially during the seasonal influenza outbreak.

And she warned that influenza is a rapidly transmissible infectious disease, as a person becomes ill as a result of inhaling droplets in the air when he coughs or sneezes or an infected person speaks, and methods of transmission also include touching surfaces or materials contaminated with the influenza virus, and then touching the mouth, nose or eyes. Noting the need to maintain the safety of our students so that they can go to school without affecting the health of their classmates.

The department stressed the need for parents, students and employees to obtain the influenza vaccine, which will be available free of charge in any of the “Sehha” primary care centers. It calls for keeping children at home in the event of their illness to avoid the spread of infection in schools.

She urged the students' families to be vaccinated, noting that there are five guidelines issued by the Abu Dhabi Department of Health to prevent influenza, including taking the vaccine annually as it is the best way to prevent disease, and covering the mouth and nose when sneezing and coughing, which are important factors to help limit the spread of influenza viruses. Frequently washing and sterilizing hands to reduce the possibility of infection, cleaning and sterilizing surfaces and tools constantly, in addition to limiting contact with others when infected with the disease to avoid transmitting infection to them.

For its part, the Abu Dhabi Department of Health confirmed that the seasonal influenza vaccine has a successful record of safety and efficacy, as it was given to millions of people over 50 years, and several research and studies have been conducted that support the safety and safety of the vaccine, stressing that taking the seasonal influenza vaccine is the best way to prevent and reduce Of disease spread.

She indicated that vaccines are a safe and effective method, as they undergo extensive tests to ensure their quality before being licensed.

And she stressed that taking the vaccine reduces the spread of infection in the community, reduces unnecessary medical visits, and the need for hospitalization due to influenza infection, and it also reduces the burden on the health sector, and reduces the possibility of joint infection with influenza and "Covid-19", as There is not enough information yet about the effect of the joint infection.