France has urged Middle Eastern countries to prevent retail companies from boycotting French products.


The French Foreign Ministry said in a statement published by the English version to "Reuters" this evening, Sunday, that in recent days there have been calls to boycott French products, especially food products, in many Middle Eastern countries, as well as calls to demonstrate against France over the publication of fees Caricature satirical of the Prophet Muhammad.

The statement continued: "These calls for a boycott are baseless and must stop immediately, as well as all attacks against France."

The ministry published a copy of the statement on its website and on its account on the social networking site "Twitter", and said that there was distortion of the statements made by French President Emmanuel Macron during the national tribute to the teacher who was slaughtered, Samuel Batey.

The ministry emphasized that Muslims in France are an integral part of society, history and the French Republic. Hence, the boycott calls are pointless.

She added that the authorities would explain France's positions to its partners, especially with regard to basic freedoms and rejecting hatred, and would call on the authorities of the countries concerned to disavow calls for a boycott or any attack against France.