Foreign Minister of Parliament : Parliamentary action against Qatari violations against Bahraini fishermen

Engineer Muhammad al-Sisi al-Buainain, head of the Foreign Affairs, Defense and National Security Committee in the House of Representatives, revealed a parliamentary move with a group of deputies regarding the systematic targeting of Bahraini fishermen by the Qatari authorities in the territorial waters of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and this move comes after uncovering a series of violations and assaults by the Qatari authorities Against the Bahraini sailors inside the Bahraini maritime borders, which Sky News Arabia documented in the documentary film "Arrows of Treachery."

He said that the hostile policy pursued by the Qatari authorities towards the Kingdom of Bahrain and its people aims to create a state of extortion and political provocation by attacking Bahraini fishermen in Bahrain's territorial waters, and whom the Qatari authorities deliberately imprison for a long period without trial and take arbitrary measures against them, confiscate their boats and equipment, and cut off their only source of livelihood. As well as the fishermen who were injured by deliberate gunfire or who died at the hands of the Qatari authorities who deliberately collided with their boats by the Qatari patrol boats that practiced maritime piracy on Bahraini fishing vessels and penetrated Bahrain's territorial waters without carrying a clear flag or identity.

He added that this parliamentary move comes within the framework of defending the rights of Bahraini fishermen and their demands to put an end to the dangerous provocative practices committed by the Qatari authorities against them in the territorial waters of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and the damage and grave violations that the fishermen suffered while practicing fishing, which call for accountability for crimes that contradict the principles Human rights are criminalized by international laws and covenants, indicating that this move will include counting all damages and cases of violations that Bahraini fishermen were subjected to in Bahrain's territorial waters by the Qatari authorities.

The head of the Foreign Affairs, Defense and National Security Committee in the House of Representatives indicated that this parliamentary move aims to prepare a comprehensive file on the Qatari violations against Bahraini fishermen, which will be referred to the executive authority to present it to the General Secretariat of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf. Engineer Al-Sisi Al-Buainain did not rule out going to the courts and bodies. International Commission to hold those involved in these violations to account and compensate fishermen for the damages that occurred to them as a result of the Qatari authorities' attacks in the territorial waters of the Kingdom of Bahrain.