pay 3% of their monthly salary
pay 3% of their monthly salary

Beginning this year, Filipinos in the United Arab Emirates and around the world are required to pay three percent of their income to the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, the authority confirmed in its most recent publication.

The increase was introduced late last year, and on 22 April , the company published a detailed circular clarifying the contribution and collection of payments from Filipino members abroad.

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation said the expatriate premium rate will be calculated at 3 percent based on their monthly wage.

In detail, if the monthly salary is higher than 385 dirhams, then the individual will still pay 132 dirhams every month, or 3% of the income ceiling.

"While the premium is calculated on the basis of monthly income, payment must be made every three months, six months, or a full 12-month period," the publication said.

"A member who fails to pay the installment after the due date determined by the company will be required to pay all missed contributions with a monthly compound interest," she said.

By January 1, 2021, the minimum acceptable initial payment is a three-month premium based on the price established at the time of payment. "

The new policy covers even those who are not working. "This circular covers all Filipinos living abroad who live and work abroad, including those who take their leave and who are awaiting documents, whether they are registered or not registered with the National Health Insurance Program, and immigrants must update their membership and provide proof of income, which It will serve as the basis for the mandatory contribution.