Fighting Corona virus in the UAE
Fighting Corona virus in the UAE

The multidisciplinary approach to disease, strict safety protocols and fines for violating safety measures, sterilization drives, and easy access to medical treatment and equipment have all helped the UAE in keeping the Covid numbers stable, according to Dr. Dirar Abdullah, consultant and chief of internal medicine at Prime Hospital.

“The numbers in the Emirates seem to have stabilized, ranging between 1,300 and 1,500.

Most of the patients are now either asymptomatic or have mild symptoms, and within only 10 days, they are considered "non-infectious" and are on the road to recovery. We have also seen many critically ill patients return to life, thanks to the UAE government that granted a strip Healthcare, the infrastructure and resources to provide the best medical care to these patients. We now have the experience and the best equipment such as large ventilators and suitable medicine. "

“The UAE has achieved a cure rate of 96.7 per cent and a mortality rate of 0.5 per cent, which is the lowest in the world. This has become possible due to the procedures,” said Dr. Jyoti Ubadhiay, a specialist in internal medicine at Aster Hospital - Al-Mankhool. The government's stringent enforcement of anti-Covid protocols. The expanded Covid tests also helped to detect asymptomatic cases. The strict enforcement of quarantines helped to keep the spread under control. Constantly urging the public to follow safety standards and enforce various fines has certainly helped. .

The United Arab Emirates has also topped among the top ten countries in the world in treating the Corona virus. This was based on the development and effectiveness of efforts to monitor the spread of the virus and treat patients, in addition to the capacity for development, testing and validation. And publishing vaccines and experimental treatments. "

Dr. Jean-Marc Gayur, CEO of Ras Al Khaimah Hospital, said that the number of new Covid cases in the UAE appears to be stable, and the number of daily recoveries is on the rise, and this is good news. “The stringent measures put in place by the regulatory bodies in the United Arab Emirates have allowed for a much better control of the spread of Covid than in other parts of the world, as tepid and ineffective management has led to a situation completely escalating from control,” he said.

Dr. Gayur added that, in sharp contrast to the start of the epidemic, "we now have a much better understanding of what exactly the virus does to the body." "Unlike before, we now have a group of drugs that, if given at the right time, shorten the duration and severity of symptoms."

Dr. Ijaz Ahmed, Medical Director and Internist at NMC Specialty Hospital - Al Ain, also credited the efficiency of the healthcare system. He said, "An important reason for such a positive rate of recovery is due to an integrated and well-managed healthcare system in the country."

“Home isolation and institutional isolation has allowed patients with mild to moderate symptoms to recover at home and in quarantine facilities, enabling hospitals to take care of severe infections as a priority. The increase in coronavirus tests in the UAE has helped in early diagnosis and separation of those with the disease. Patients are another reason to fight the spread of the virus effectively, which leads to a better cure rate. "