Ministry of Education
Ministry of Education

Some websites and social media pages spread news about a decision to cancel the high school system for Egyptian students abroad.


 The Media Center of the Council of Ministers contacted the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, which denied the news, confirming that there is no validity to the issuance of any decisions to cancel the general secondary system for Egyptian students abroad, and that the general secondary system for Egyptian students abroad exists and continues as it is without change or cancellation.

Pointing out that the "Egypt classes" platform has been launched for Egyptian students abroad, with the aim of providing new learning methods for the curriculum in an interactive way, and the Egyptian educational system for the secondary stage abroad is being developed, in line with the new high school system at home.

In a related context, procedures and conditions for applying for exams for Egyptian students abroad for the academic year 2020/2021, which are scheduled to be held in April 2021, have been approved in cooperation with cultural offices, embassies and consulates in all countries of the world, and conducting examinations for Egyptian students abroad is a service provided to members of communities The Egyptian curriculum is to preserve the study of the Egyptian curriculum abroad, as Egypt is unique in it from all countries of the world, through which the student can, upon his return at any time, join Egyptian schools directly.

In the end, we appeal to all media outlets and social media users to be accurate and objective in publishing news, and to communicate with the concerned authorities to make sure before publishing information that is not based on any facts and leads to confusion among students and parents, and if there are any inquiries, please contact us at Ministry number (027963273).