Expatriate visas in the UAE
Expatriate visas in the UAE

The Cabinet took this decision on December 19, 2019, in the ministries ’keenness to encourage the coastal climate, as easier access to workers' families and their children, as well as to encourage the investment climate, as many conditions are followed for taking free residency, as well as health insurance for the worker and his family.

New visas first January

Free visas, many benefits and health insurance for children and families were taken from July 15 to September 15 of each year, in order to encourage the tourist climate, as well as to bring investment to the Emirates, which would have a positive impact on supporting the economy, by following the new residency conditions Likewise, according to many procedures, children of tourists are exempt from entry visas, and transit travelers are exempt, for a period of two days, from any expenses.

Conditions for granting new residency

That the beneficiary owns a real estate in the UAE of no less than 2000,000 dirhams, in full.
A deposit of 1,000,000 dirhams for him in banks should not be less.
The beneficiary's monthly income should not be less than 20,000 dirhams, or its equivalent in foreign currencies.
To enjoy health insurance in the UAE.

In support of the UAE economy as well as tourism, on the first of January 2020, the new visa system will be implemented, immigrant visas for the Emirates, as well as workers, and the new system includes granting free visas to children and parents of expatriates, retirees, for a period of 5 years, renewable, in appreciation of the contribution of expatriate workers In sustainable development in the Emirates and to maximize the investment climate, according to many conditions and controls.