10 years golden visa
10 years golden visa

Yasmine Fichte, founder and managing partner of Fichte & Co, was granted a 10-year golden visa by Dubai authorities on Sunday, becoming the first female lawyer in the United Arab Emirates to obtain the visa.


Fichte is German by nationality and has been resident in the UAE for over 20 years.

The UAE government has chosen 6,800 investors and professionals residing in the United Arab Emirates, who own about 100 billion dirhams in assets and hail from 70 countries, to obtain the golden visa.

Among the professionals, the UAE has also granted permanent residency to 2,500 scientists, researchers and doctors who come from various backgrounds including gas, energy, nanotechnology, aviation, engineering and robotics.

Dubai has granted a 10-year visa to about 212 doctors for their work to protect residents from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Among the holders of the Golden Visa are the UAE’s leading businessmen such as LuLu Group Chairman Yusuf Ali, Danube Group Chairman Rizwan Sajan, Aster DM Healthcare Chairman Dr Azad Moopen, and Chairman of Pure Gold Jewelers.

“I have been working and living in the UAE for more than 20 years. The story with me, as with many other expats, was that you were planning to work in the UAE for a few years, but then decided to stay as it is the best place to be. I think that My big commitment to this country was in 2004 when I decided to set up my own law firm. Opening an office in Dubai was also a decision to stay forever, "said Fichte.

She said, "Dubai is a place where you as a person and your business can thrive. As a working woman, I cannot stress enough on the opportunities available to women, and this fills me with pride to see the ever-increasing number of successful women entrepreneurs. Having put all my confidence and hard work into my work." In Dubai, I am grateful that the city appreciates my efforts and granted me a 10-year visa. "