first passport to Corona
first passport to Corona

Innovation was launched in Europe and is the first Corona virus passport to be used when traveling abroad and locally.


The passport is now available to citizens of Denmark, where the official document "Passport" can be downloaded if the test results show that they are free of the disease, provided that the test does not exceed seven days.

This innovation differs from the controversial passports of those with immunity that supporters say they allow people to prove that they are already infected with the epidemic and are in good health now.

According to the Independent, the new Danish project helps people by enabling them to prove that they are free of diseases based on a recent test.

Although some health centers and local authorities provide people whose test results have been negative with testimonials confirming this, it is believed that it is time to try this system in Europe at the national level.

This system will work by allowing citizens to take the test on the country's public health site and if the result is negative, they will have a week to download the passport.