End of Kuwait airport crisis
End of Kuwait airport crisis

Concerned sources in the aviation, tourism and travel sectors said that suspending entry to Kuwait from all countries is an unnecessary measure, in light of the strict measures taken for frequent checks for arrivals to ensure their safety, as well as institutional quarantine to isolate them from the rest of the state’s population, which are measures to prevent the virus from arriving from abroad. Into the country.


She stressed that the health authorities have a real ability to end the airport crisis by activating epidemiological investigations and monitoring to eliminate the policy of generalization in taking measures to prevent all arrivals.

The sources stated that the application of the epidemiological investigation and monitoring policy at Kuwait Airport allows the health authorities to assess the seriousness of the conditions in each category separately from the reality of the official figures, and in that case they can issue immediate instructions to suspend flights coming from any country that has been examined and the presence of significant rates of infection, and will not object Nobody for her decision.

She added, "The current policy of preventing entry from all countries in this way without relying on real numbers or data that represents a process (strangulation) for Kuwait Airport, which raises the rates of negative consequences on all sectors related to its activity at the airport."

The sources said that the Ministry of Health has capabilities at the airport to enable it to activate statistical monitoring and epidemiological investigation for all arrivals, as there are currently special examination centers with its capabilities to examine all arrivals to Kuwait by 100 percent, not to mention the availability of a database for all arrivals. And a database of their test results, which are numbers that must be announced periodically and daily.