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Emirates Holidays, the foreign tourism program regulator of Emirates Airlines, has launched new procedures to give customers more options and flexibility while booking their holidays.

The company said in a statement yesterday that it had modified the reservation policy to provide customers with an opportunity to reserve a vacation program in advance by depositing only 199 dirhams, instead of paying for the program in advance, in addition to providing video dates that allow them to plan ahead and make reservations easily from their homes.

The new policy guarantees the fixed price of the holiday program, which includes flights with Emirates Airlines, hotel accommodation and transfers, and also guarantees to the customer the possibility to change the travel plan due to the epidemic of "Covid-19".

The company pointed out that customers can visit to view the holiday programs, book their selection, with flexibility and savings, the possibility of promotion, and other benefits, book a video appointment, and speak to a travel expert in «Emirates Holidays». They can also visit any of the «Emirates Holidays» offices in the UAE, or book a special video appointment to obtain information about holiday programs.

Bob Hable, Senior Vice President of Online Sales Development and «Emirates Holidays», said that “Emirates Holidays” is always committed to providing the best experiences for its customers, and making sure that they feel confident when setting their travel plans with us, and that they get the best value for what they pay for their programs. He added: «We have facilitated reservation policies, provided video dates, and we will continue to implement measures that provide customers with maximum flexibility and peace of mind