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Emirates Airlines has announced that Dubai will open its doors to receive tourists from tomorrow, July 7, indicating that no age restrictions have been imposed on travel.

Emirates Airlines said that Dubai will open its doors to receive tourists starting tomorrow, July 7, noting that there are no age restrictions imposed on travel.

The company stated on its website that the checklist for traveling to Dubai includes 4 procedures or steps, which is checking whether the traveler needs to obtain an entry visa before traveling, in addition to booking the trip, as well as buying travel insurance that includes the costs of treatment for a virus Corona or disclosure that the traveler will bear the costs of treatment and isolation, along with conducting a PCR test 96 hours before travel.

It indicated that PCR tests are available upon arrival in Dubai, in which case the traveler must isolate himself until the test result is released.

She explained that if the test result is negative, the traveler can leave the hotel and enjoy his trip naturally, but if the test result is positive, he must follow the advice of the Dubai Health Authority and follow the isolation.

According to the company, all travelers to Dubai must fill out a medical disclosure form and quarantine application form. Both forms must be completed, printed and handed over to Dubai Health Authority employees upon arrival.

The data issued by the Emirates Airlines and flydubai companies showed a continuous increase in the number of destinations within the carrier network around the world, with the application of new air travel protocols that facilitate the travel of UAE citizens, residents and tourists while preserving the health and safety of visitors and societies.

The total number of destinations within the network of the two companies separately, 76 destinations, including 52 stations for "Emirates Airlines", and 24 for "flydubai". As for the stations to Arab destinations, it reached 7 cities for the two carriers together, namely Bahrain, Cairo, Tunis, Beirut, Khartoum, Amman, Alexandria.