Emirates Airlines clears backlog of claims
Emirates Airlines clears backlog of claims

Emirates Airlines has completed an extensive program to fulfill the backlog of money-back requests that resulted from travel disruptions as a result of the pandemic, in fulfillment of its promise to customers.

During the past months, as of April, Emirates Airlines has received about 1.7 million refund requests and completed them after verification, as it returned to its customers 6.3 billion dirhams, of which 4.7 billion dirhams were returned to customers who booked directly with the airline, while the rest of the amounts were returned through travel agencies.

In addition, Emirates Airlines received more than 130,000 inquiries regarding refunds from customers and travel agencies and made adjustments to about 4 million airline tickets.

Emirates Airlines has invested additional resources to increase its ability to settle requests. At the height of the project, 110 employees worked to process claims and refund customers, compared to 19 people who were performing these tasks in normal conditions before the spread of the pandemic, and employees from various departments were hired to speed up completion.

Sir Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airlines said: “The pandemic caused a large-scale disruption to travel around the world during the first months of this year, which put the airline and travel industry, including Emirates Airlines, in front of an unprecedented volume of refund requests. This was not a situation. It is easy for any airline while it is facing a cash crisis due to the greatly reduced operations, but during those difficult months we dealt with the effects of the pandemic on our business and confirmed our strong commitment to our customers. "

He added: “Thanks to the efforts of the refund teams, customer service, the support and cooperation of our partners, and the understanding of our customers, we were able to complete all the backlog transactions. We still receive large numbers of requests for refunds and change of tickets for tickets compared to pre-pandemic times, but we are now able to deal with these requests. Within 7 days. "

Tim Clark said, "In addition to the commitment to refund the accumulated amounts, we have provided our customers with flexibility and travel options at later times. We have also helped our members of our frequent flyer loyalty reward program to retain their membership tier and provided them with other ways to earn and spend their miles. As for our customers who continue to travel, Emirates has offered them." The first free global coverage against Covid-19 to reassure them and give them peace of mind. We have also implemented strict safety measures on the ground and in the air, and we have been keen to provide information about the latest travel requirements on our website. "