Emirates Air Cargo operates 100 flights daily
Emirates Air Cargo operates 100 flights daily

Emirates Air Cargo Company is at the forefront of the global freight industry during these critical times by providing supplies and basic commodities to people around the world, operating around 100 cargo trips per day and serving a network of destinations spanning more than 65 cities across the six continents of the world.


 The carrier currently uses 11 Boeing 777 cargo planes that provide a cargo load of approximately 100 tons per flight, and 60 Boeing 777-300ER aircraft provide a cargo hold of up to 40-50 tons per flight.

In an effort to expand its operations and increase cargo capacity, Emirates Air Cargo started loading cargo in the upper cabinets and seats of the Boeing 777-300ER passenger aircraft, as this step came in response to the increasing demand from customers in the main markets.

"We adopted a balanced approach to load cargo into the Boeing 777-300ER passenger plane cabins," said Nabil Sultan, Senior Vice President of the Emirates Air Cargo Department.
Nabil Sultan added: "We have operated flights from stations such as Tokyo and New Delhi and transported cargo in the upper cabinets and on the seats, and we are now in an ideal location that allows us to respond to customer requirements in obtaining additional freight capacity from the major global production markets.

And he continued, "We will take more cargo flights in the coming weeks and we will transport the cargo in the cargo hold and passenger compartments alike. In addition, we are also studying other measures including removing seats on a number of aircraft that are used on destinations with the highest demand for services." Commercial. "