Sustainability of education in governmental and private institutions
Sustainability of education in governmental and private institutions

His Excellency Dr. Majid bin Ali Al-Nuaimi, Minister of Education, Mrs. Latifa Al-Bounouza, Assistant Undersecretary for General and Technical Education, has been delegated to participate in the virtual regional meeting on returning to schools in the Arab countries, with the participation of officials in many countries throughout the Arab world, in addition to representatives of United Nations agencies The United Nations, the relevant regional organizations, and a number of experts.


The meeting was jointly organized by the UNESCO Regional Office for Education in the Arab Countries, the UNICEF Regional Office for the Middle East and North Africa, the World Bank, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the World Food Program, and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees.

The participating countries made detailed presentations on their efforts to start the new school year, with the most important challenges they face, in light of the current health conditions, in a way that contributes to the continued access of children to their inherent right to quality and fair education, in a safe environment, embodying what was mentioned in the Education 2030 Agenda. They also discussed areas of national and regional cooperation to compensate students for what they had missed due to the situation that affected the education sector at the global level.

On her part, Ms. Latifa Al-Bunouza affirmed that we in the Kingdom of Bahrain affirm our support for all initiatives launched by international and regional organizations to confront the repercussions and challenges of the pandemic, and its sweeping impact on educational services at various school levels, and we also support the international framework for the reopening of schools, which confirms that schools are spaces Safe, and ensure students' access to education in the possible and available ways, and work to address the potential psychological effects on children resulting from the current conditions.

Regarding the experience of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Al-Bonuzah clarified that we were able to ensure the sustainability of distance learning in all governmental and private educational institutions at various educational levels, which continued to provide their services to students successfully, thanks to our investment for many years in e-learning, since the launch of His Majesty King Hamad Schools Project The future, as we benefited from this electronic structure, as well as public and private schools and higher education institutions providing digital educational content, employing educational portals, virtual classrooms, and other available media, and professionally completed their tests.