On Sunday morning, the Kingdom of Bahrain witnessed a partial return to study places in government schools at all stages, so that a percentage of students began to implement the blended education that combines regular education for a period not exceeding two days a week and distance learning, while the remaining percentage continues to receive full distance education through Various platforms, as this was based on a survey conducted by the Ministry of Education of the opinions of parents.


On this occasion, His Excellency Dr. Majid bin Ali Al Nuaimi, Minister of Education, since early morning this day, visited a number of schools, to ensure that all precautionary measures and preventive health and safety measures were implemented to provide a safe learning environment for all students, embodying what was mentioned in the guide A comprehensive guideline prepared by the Ministry in this regard, in cooperation with the competent authorities, whereby a health team was formed in each school, responsible for receiving students, checking their temperatures before entering, ensuring their social distancing by distributing them in small and fixed groups, and determining student paths for each class, so that entry The student goes directly from the school gate to the classroom, and the students exit in successive batches, between intervals, with the implementation of educational lectures for them, and the continuous disinfection and sterilization process for all facilities.

The Minister also reviewed the progress of the educational process in a number of classes, including classes for people with special needs, and made sure that the process of distributing textbooks had begun, wishing the students a successful academic year, through which the Kingdom of Bahrain would enhance its success in completing the study last academic year.

In a statement on the sidelines of the visit, the Minister affirmed that, based on the royal directives of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the beloved monarch of the country, may God protect him, to continue providing the best educational services, the Ministry of Education has made great efforts in preparing for the new academic year, In light of the current exceptional circumstances, especially preparing schools to receive students whose parents wish to participate in partial formal education, while providing more platforms and educational materials available remotely, whether through the educational portal that has been enhanced with thousands of lessons, activities, enrichment and discussion sessions, which have witnessed since the beginning of the year As of this morning, there are more than 7 million visits, or through virtual classes that have been circulated to all educational levels, in addition to filming 800 video lessons to be broadcast on Bahrain TV and 14 official YouTube channels, and other means to achieve effective educational communication, while providing More technical support channels.

The minister added that the ministry has set clear duties and tasks for school administrations regarding dealing with students who are regular in the school or who receive their distance education, and has also set up grading evaluation and distribution mechanisms that take into account the educational style currently applied, and it continues to follow the educational process, to ensure that it proceeds in the required manner.