Dubai to reopen gradually
Dubai to reopen gradually

Starting on 27 May , Dubai will prepare to reopen most of the businesses that were closed as a precaution against the spread of Corona virus.

A strict personal hygiene protocol has been set as the emirate reopens entertainment venues such as movie theaters and entertainment venues such as Dubai Dolphinarium and others.

List of what will be reopened tomorrow :

* Imposing movie theaters with social exclusion and sterilization around the clock.

* Leisure and entertainment destinations, such as the Dubai Mall, and Dubai Dolphinarium.

Sports academies, indoor gyms, health and fitness clubs.

* Retail stores and wholesale stores.

* Airport - to be ready for work for the return of residents of the United Arab Emirates and for the transit of passengers to other destinations.

* Re-opening clinics, including ear, nose and throat. The range of services includes surgery that takes two and a half hours or less.

* Academic and training institutes and training and treatment centers for children.

* All government service centers (such as Amer).