Death of a student living in Dubai
Death of a student living in Dubai

A student and teachers in the Gulf said that an Indian student residing in Dubai, who died shortly after his exams at the Central Council for Secondary Education for the twelfth grade, scored 91.4 per cent in his exams, including 100 in his media studies paper.


In detail, Ahmed Ziyad, a student at the James Indian School of Dubai, died on March 19 and was suffering from a heart disease called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which prevented him from being active in sports activities.

He was a very ambitious student, who wanted to start his own business and achieve great things in his life and the results of his degrees are: Media Studies 100, Marketing 97, English 84, Entrepreneurship 82, and Home Science 94.
The father of Ziyad, a real estate professional who has been in Dubai for more than two decades, said:

 "He collapsed six months ago while playing with his friends and since there was an irregularity in his heartbeat, he could not bear to participate in any hard activity."

He added: "Ziyad just started playing with his friends on March 19 and suddenly collapsed and he died soon after. My family was unable to cope with his loss."