Rules to protect residents and tourists from Corona virus
Rules to protect residents and tourists from Corona virus

Authorities in Dubai have issued several new safety measures for Covid-19 to protect residents and tourists from the Corona virus.

Inspectors from regulatory bodies such as Dubai Economy, Dubai Municipality and Dubai Tourism are on the ground to ensure that all precautionary measures are followed at the outlets and places.

The new directives will ensure more social distancing at private gatherings, weddings, restaurants, gyms, and hospitals across the emirate. Here is a list of all the ads that were released over the weekend.

>> First-degree relatives

only at parties and weddings According to the Dubai Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management, only first-degree relatives can attend weddings, social events, and private parties.

The maximum number of guests permitted is set at 10.

The directive - which applies to events in homes and hotels - takes effect from Wednesday, January 27.

>> Social distancing in restaurants Tables in restaurants in Dubai will be set up three meters - two meters higher than the previous two.

Additionally, the number of people allowed to sit at one table has been limited to seven - down from 10 previously.

>> Safety in cafes Only 4 patrons are allowed per table in cafes.

The distance between streams has been increased to three meters.

>> Safety rules for gyms Fitness centers and gyms in Dubai will need to increase the physical distance between sports equipment and trainers from 2 to 3 meters.

>> Offers have been canceled The Dubai Tourism Authority has suspended all entertainment permits issued in the emirate.

This came after the authority detected more than 200 violations of safety guidelines and closed about 20 facilities in three weeks.

>> Offers on ships, canceled floating restaurants No entertainment activities on board ships or floating restaurants will be permitted "until further notice".

>> Some live shows allowed But the Dubai Tourism Authority said live events, including concerts by Egyptian superstar Amr Diab at Dubai International Stadium and Enrico Macias at Dubai Opera, will continue as scheduled.

These events will take place amid strict safety measures, including a social distance of at least two meters and the wearing of masks.

To ensure proper physical spacing, space capacity has been reduced according to a rule of 1 person per 4 square meters. >> Stop unnecessary surgeries Hospitals and daily surgical clinics will not perform unnecessary surgeries until February 19.

The decision applies to elective curative surgeries requiring deep anesthesia or general anesthesia.

Elective surgeries are permitted as medical emergencies.