Dubai Roads and Transport Authority
Dubai Roads and Transport Authority

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced the resumption of the four bus routes serving the Global Village since the start of its new season 2020-2021.


The four lines are: Line 102 from Al Rashidiya Metro Station, Line 103 from Union Metro Station, Line 104 from Al Ghubaiba Bus Station, and Line 106 from Mall of the Emirates Metro Station.

In addition, the Roads and Transport Authority will also resume electric tourism abra services within the Global Village from October 25, on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of the main tourist and family destination.

"We will ensure the implementation of preventive health measures on board public buses and at stations to prevent the spread of Covid-19 among passengers, drivers and employees of the stations," said Ahmed Hashem Bahruzian, CEO of the Public Transport Agency at the RTA.

He pointed out, "This time, we will use the luxury Volvo buses for passengers heading to the global village. The service is characterized by high levels of comfort and safety that will add fun to the trip to and from the global village during the new tourist season."

We also approved a plan to operate three electric crossings to serve Global Village guests this season. The service has proven immensely popular among visitors over the past ten seasons. The Roads and Transport Authority is keen to launch the Abra service with the reopening of the Global Village, especially as it adds to the tourist attractions in the Global Village, where the exciting experience of riding abras supported by renewable energy is clearly reflected in the riders and visitors who use the service.

He congratulated the management and staff of the global village on the silver jubilee of the prominent tourism center. Bahrozian also praised the RTA's partnership with Global Village to serve guests during the tourist season in Dubai.

“The Global Village is a tourist attraction that attracts a large number of residents, visitors and tourists who flock to the Emirates from all over the world, and provides them with an enjoyable time in exciting events, games and entertainment with families and friends,” said Bahrozian.

"We are now putting the final touches to the launch of the Silver Jubilee season for the Global Village. The comfort and safety of our guests and our employees remains our top priority. We look forward to providing an exceptional season for everyone, by all standards," he said. Bader Anwahi, CEO, Global Village.

“We are proud of our strategic partnership with the Roads and Transport Authority, which has continued throughout our seasons. Our relationship with the RTA focuses on one of the most important points of interaction with the guests by getting them to their desired destination. We are confident of the efficiency of services. The RTA provides our guests with ensuring smooth mobility during their arrival. And they left the global village, "added Anuhi.