traffic violations and test vehicles to renew registration
traffic violations and test vehicles to renew registration

 A customer service executive from the Roads and Transport Authority contact center confirmed that vehicles must be taken for testing before renewing the registration.


With the opening of vehicle testing centers across the Emirates, the process of renewing the vehicle registration went back to before Covid 19.

This means that car drivers need to pay their due fines and have their vehicles inspected before their registration is renewed.

In Dubai, registration of vehicles renewed online during the #StayHome period will remain in effect for one year from the date of renewal.

As part of the #StayHome directives issued in the UAE in March this year, motorists were asked to renew their vehicle registration online.

They were allowed to do so without paying their traffic violations and mandatory vehicle inspection at designated centers. Those who renewed their cars during this period obtained an electronic registration card on their e-mails and not the actual physical card named "Ownership".

When asked if these drivers need to obtain a plastic registration card, the customer service employee said: "Their renewal remains in effect until next year. Electronic ownership is equivalent to the plastic card."