Dubai records 29 traffic accidents
Dubai records 29 traffic accidents

 Motorists in Abu Dhabi have been reminded to adhere to a speed limit of 80 kilometers per hour during foggy weather.


Twenty-nine traffic accidents were reported in Dubai from Sunday through Tuesday morning as fog covered several parts of the country.

Colonel Juma bin Suwaidan, Acting Director of the General Traffic Department at Dubai Police, urged motorists to maintain a safe distance between cars and to slow down.

Colonel Bin Sweidan said, "Allow extra time for your journey and check your planned route. It is also advisable to wait for the fog to pass before leaving."

Motorists in Abu Dhabi have also been reminded to adhere to the 80 kilometers per hour speed limit during foggy weather. Abu Dhabi Police informed drivers on Tuesday that the minimum speed limit applies when visibility is less than 2,000 meters. Vision is a measure of the distance over which an object or light can be clearly seen.