easing restrictions in Dubai
easing restrictions in Dubai

"We have eased some restrictions and allowed people to move in Dubai and at every stage, we are assessing the situation and based on the results, we are taking further steps. We have not yet overcome the stage of danger," said Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police.

Al-Marri attributed the success in containing the virus in the Naif region to a well-prepared plan with daily follow-up. Al-Marri said, "It was put on the instructions of Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai Crown Prince and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council." He added that the cooperation of the people of Nayef and Al-Rass played a major role in the success of the procedures.

He said that the purpose of the warning fines is to deliver an awareness message to the violators, and for the benefit of all. Al-Marri explained that the recorded traffic after loosening the movement restrictions was routine.

"The Dubai economy took many tough measures in the early days and the commitment was 80 percent," he said.

"We are facing a challenge. When we started partially reopening services, we intend not to return to close them again," Al-Marri said. "Dubai has played a decisive role in setting benchmarks while trying to contain this crisis, and this will be a major factor in attracting foreign direct investment in the future." He said the post-Covid 19 economy will be completely different from what it was before the epidemic.

Commenting on the rise in prices, Al-Marri said: “The government focused on ensuring that prices do not rise on basic materials, including hand sanitizers and masks.

Asked if the private sector would be provided with more incentives, he said: “The government may offer companies an incentive in the later stages.” For some reason, the current incentives may not be sufficient; We hope to be able to keep the number of companies and their revenues. "

He continued: "Dubai is looking to launch more initiatives in cooperation with the private sector to enable companies to continue to operate profitably and prevent job losses."

Then Al-Marri continued: The reopening of public spaces completely like beaches, parks and shopping malls is largely dependent on the joining of retailers and the general public. He said: "If people adhere to the guidelines, we will see our full business reopening soon."