Dubai closes Covid 19 field hospital
Dubai closes Covid 19 field hospital

A 3,000-bed field hospital was established at the World Trade Center in April to treat corona virus patients.



Dubai today closed a field hospital set up in the World Trade Center to treat cases of coronavirus infection after leaving the last patient, a Japanese, in good health.

Doctors and nurses still wearing protective clothing lined the applause for the last patient named Hiroaki Fujita while leaving the center, which was transferred to a 3,000-bed field hospital in April.

"I ask everyone to take a safer way, very good feeling that I'm about to leave," Fujita said.

The number of coronavirus cases in the UAE decreased sharply from a peak of 900 cases per day in May, despite a recent new rise.

To date, the country has reported 52,600 cases of coronavirus, 326 deaths and 41,714 cures.

Most of the remaining patients are treated in other hospitals across the UAE and some are recovering at home.