Dubai police
Dubai police

The 32-year-old suspect, known as Nordin EH, is wanted by the Belgian authorities on numerous charges including drug smuggling and He was arrested in Dubai last week.

He was referred to the prosecution on June 18, on preliminary charges of possessing drugs for sale.

The Technical Office of the Attorney General in Dubai handles the handling of his case.

Noordin may be extradited to face charges in Belgium if the investigations conducted by the public prosecutors in Dubai prove that he did not commit any illegal acts in Dubai or in any part of the United Arab Emirates.

According to Dr. Hassan Al-Hayes, legal advisor to Al-Rowad Advocates, the conditions for extradition from the Emirates to another country are stipulated in the law.

"According to Federal Law No. 39 of 2006 governing the extradition of criminals, the procedure is to hand over suspects if their crimes do not occur in Dubai or in any part of the UAE," Al-Hais said.

According to the Brussels Times, Nordin EH is believed to have been involved in several violent incidents in the province of Antwerp. The newspaper reported that the Belgian authorities confirmed the arrest of the man in Dubai.

This is the second high-level arrest by the authorities in Dubai this month. Danish citizen Amir Faten Makki - the leader of one of the most dangerous international crime gangs involved in murder, drug trafficking and money laundering - was arrested on 3 June.