2,000 dirhams fine for misuse of balcony
2,000 dirhams fine for misuse of balcony

Residents will be fined 2,000 dirhams for unauthorized external attachments or modifications, says the property developer. ...


Residents of Dubai have been warned about misuse of balconies as they can be fined 500 dirhams for not complying with the rules.

Nakheel Real Estate Development Company has sent a notice to its community members, warning them that external accessories or unauthorized modifications will result in a fine of 2000 dirhams.

"Venting the laundry on a balcony or hanging it from a window or a railing distorts the image of the building and is not permitted. Cigarette ash and cigarette butts pose a serious fire risk and should not be thrown from balconies or windows," read the notice dated November 9th.

It also warned that throwing waste and sharp objects from balconies is strictly prohibited, and that wastewater is not allowed to flow from cleaning balconies or irrigation stations to other balconies.

Please refrain from feeding the birds as this causes inconvenience and chaos due to their droppings. She added that installing satellite dishes or any other type of antenna in balconies is illegal and strictly prohibited.