Du, a subsidiary of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, announced the launch of the new Flexi and Easy packages for prepaid subscribers, with the aim of providing them with a greater level of flexibility to choose the package that suits their needs and requirements of communication services.

In a statement yesterday, the company stated that the two packages provide customers with many key features, including the ability to customize voice and data services, unlimited free calls to a preferred number, as well as unlimited free voice and video calls through specific options, in addition to a digital digital experience.

Inclusive on the du app. She added that the new Flexi package provides prepaid customers with the option to customize data services and voice calls to suit their needs, starting from AED 49.

The package also offers customers unlimited free calls to a preferred number of their choice, provided that this number is from Du. .

In addition, she added, the packages worth 99 dirhams or more provide customers with unlimited free voice and video calls over the Internet through the "BOTIM and C'me" applications, noting that, in conjunction with the launch of the two packages, du added new features to its application. "du app" so that customers can easily and comfortably manage all the features of the new package and others.

Customers also have the option to change the allocation of data and voice services at any time without any additional fees.

"Du" indicated that by launching the second package "Easy" to meet the needs of customers who do not wish to commit to monthly spending on mobile services, as this package will provide customers with specific payment options for use with the freedom to choose from a wide range of additional data packages and services. Voice calls.

All "Easy" customers who recharge their credit of 25 dirhams or more will get unlimited free calls to any preferred number from du of their choice.