the end of Corona crisis
the end of Corona crisis

The Minister of Health announced the date of the end of the Corona crisis in a press statement today and said: Global expectations indicate that the crisis will end at the beginning of next year, and we hope that the period will be less than that and end early.

The Minister of Health issued several alerts and instructions to all residents and citizens, and the necessity to follow
Health requirements and coverage of the nose and mouth in public places and ensuring general hygiene and social separation in places of gathering and in public places and workplaces.

He explained that this stage will be evaluated 10 days after the beginning of the total ban, and he regretted the result of the gathering and the overcrowding after the issuance of the comprehensive ban.

He said: We saw scenes of crowds and overcrowding that violate all health requirements.

Some people still need more awareness in order to reduce infection transmission and their safety and to ensure that diseases do not spread in society.
He stressed the need to adhere to the instructions from the concerned authorities so that the procedures are eased as soon as possible and that he trusts all residents and citizens.