announcing the highest corona cases for fourth day
announcing the highest corona cases for fourth day

With the UAE announcing the largest number of daily Covid-19 cases for the fourth consecutive day on Saturday, doctors have warned of a `` epidemic fatigue '' that appears to have started as residents cut their guards.


The country recorded 1,231 cases per day - the highest on record - and comes three days after more than 1,000 daily infections.

Dr. Jean-Marc Gower, CEO of Ras Al Khaimah Hospital, said:

“The reason for this (the boom) is undoubtedly related to the fact that a certain level of“ epidemic fatigue ”mixed with a degree of self-satisfaction has emerged. In addition, not only in the United States but also in Europe, there are a large number of people who do not want In accepting the fact that this pandemic is much more than ordinary flu and that the consequences of ignoring it can be devastating. "

Referring to the proactive steps taken by the UAE in combating the spread of the virus, Dr. Jan said: “The authorities in all countries did not have a vision for this, and they had to take preventive measures, as is the case in the United Arab Emirates. In many countries, the goals were not achieved. ., The methods were not standardized, tepid, and therefore ineffective. Unfortunately, in Europe there is a small, but very loud, group of scientists and clinicians who deny the threat of Covid-19 and undermine the efforts of the regulators. ”

Experts said that countries, including the UAE, are gradually reopening facilities. To rebuild the economy, residents need to strictly follow Covid-19 protocols.

Dr Ramanathan Vinntiswaran, Medical Director of Medcare Hospitals and Clinics, Aster and Access Clinics said: “UAE residents must take responsibility for preventing the spread of disease by following the four basic rules - wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, maintaining hygiene by washing hands frequently and avoiding gatherings.”

Doctors have also said that a high number of infections is not unusual when countries reopen.

"The number of Covid-19 cases is on the increase compared to the recent past. This is typical in any epidemic situation. Before the virus was contained, it was in two or three stages," said Dr. Soheir Sinalabdin, a pulmonologist and respiratory specialist at Medeor Hospital in Dubai. Current increases as a result of (comprehensive) examination.

People also have a routine examination. Several asymptomatic patients are now being tested for Covid-19. These cases are identified because we are examining more people.