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Distance education in two shifts, morning and evening
House of Representatives.

A number of deputies intend to submit a proposal willingly (as a matter of urgency) during Tuesday's session regarding making distance education in two shifts, morning and evening.


MP Khaled Bouanag, one of the most prominent sponsors of the proposal, stated that due to the continuing crisis of the Corona pandemic, which requires social distancing and non-mixing to reduce the spread of infection in the community, and the Ministry of Education approving study during the current school year remotely, and it is known that most of the parents working in the sector The government and the private sector work in the morning period, so studying remotely in the morning period causes fatigue, and in light of the presence of parents at work, it is difficult for children, especially in the primary stages, to follow lessons and deal with the Internet and the educational portal on their own.

During the proposal, MP Bouanak demanded that remote study be carried out in two periods, morning and evening, to relieve pressure on the educational portal and websites associated with the Ministry of Education and to ensure the presence of parents with children, especially those in the primary stage to pursue their studies during the morning work period, not to mention the lack of means Learning for some families with limited income and the pressure on parents because of their children's need for electronic devices at the same time, so studying in two shifts will relieve pressure on parents.