Details of the maid stealing a million dirhams from her maid
Details of the maid stealing a million dirhams from her maid

The Dubai Criminal Court has ruled a year in prison and a fine of 879,947 dirhams and then deportation, against an African maid convicted of stealing huge sums of money estimated at one million and 100 thousand dirhams, according to the accusations of her employer, and she agreed with her friend to smuggle her outside the country, so he provided her with a residence with a woman until the arrangement Her departure, but Dubai Police preceded her and arrested her, while her partner fled after obtaining the money.


The housewife of the victim said in the investigations of the Public Prosecution that the defendant began working for her last March, then noticed that she was stealing the small sums of money that she found in the house, so I spoke with her and warned her about that.

She added that her husband called her on the day of the incident and asked her to keep the key for the room that contains the money in another room, as he needed a sum of money, then he attended and took the amount of 1000 dirhams, closed the drawer that contained the money, and placed his key between the clothes in a clothes safe. In another room.

She added that he went down to the ground floor and made a phone call, and personally saw the accused go up to the first floor, and got out of the house carrying a black bag, and then returned, but he did not pay attention or stop much in front of her leaving in this suspicious way, as she rearranged everything in its place, and in The next day she ran away from the house, only to discover later that she had stolen 760 thousand dirhams, 50 thousand dollars and about 3000 Kuwaiti dinars.

For his part, a Dubai police witness stated that upon receiving a report of the theft from the home, a work team was formed and the suspect was located through secret police sources and seized after about three weeks, and she admitted that she had stolen these sums and handed them over to another accused, in exchange for smuggling them outside the country. The man agreed with a third defendant to keep her with her in her home in the emirate of Ajman for 1500 dirhams, and the latter was aware of the incident in which the maid was involved, and she agreed to put her in residence, then the man left the country after receiving the stolen money, and before he succeeded in smuggling the accused.