suicide of expatriates from different nationalities
suicide of expatriates from different nationalities

An Indian expatriate born in 1991 ended his life by hanging inside the headquarters of a company he works in in the Abdullah Abdullah area, and a security source said that, upon receiving a report about a suicidal suicide, security men and forensic evidence found that the expatriate tied a rope to the top of a room and ended his life and recorded a suicide case.

On the other hand, an Asian expatriate committed suicide by hanging inside a farm in the Abdali area.

The security men and the criminal evidence moved, the body was removed and the case was registered under the name of suicide.

On the other hand, an Egyptian expatriate to Al-Farwaniya Hospital was relieved after his colleagues saved him from a certain death in Abdullah Al-Mubarak, where he tried to hang himself.


According to a security source, the Ministry of Interior received a statement from Al-Farwaniya Hospital that an Egyptian expatriate arrived by his colleagues after trying to commit suicide by hanging himself, and upon investigation In the incident by the security men, the expatriate colleagues reported that they had heard a distress sound coming from their colleague's room, so they hurried and removed the rope that he put on his neck in order to end his life, and recorded a case of attempted suicide.