Deputy Head of Public Security
Deputy Head of Public Security

His Excellency Major General Abdullah Muhammad Al-Zayed, Deputy Head of Public Security, indicated the importance of continuing to adhere to the instructions and recommendations of the national medical team to address the Coronavirus, and the success of the efforts of the Kingdom of Bahrain in facing the pandemic to reduce the level of virus spread in a way that contributes to preserving the health and safety of citizens and residents and overcoming this exceptional circumstance, noting that The national duty requires everyone in society to play his role and responsibility by adhering to preventive measures and measures to reach the desired results, and based on the success achieved in dealing with the challenge of the Corona virus.


He emphasized that the Presidency of Public Security at the Ministry of Interior and through the directorates and security departments continues to implement the directives of His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and First Deputy Prime Minister, to take legal measures against those who violate the instructions issued by the National Medical Team and the relevant authorities, in order to preserve the health and safety of society. Since the issuance of the decisions of the Coordinating Committee to confront the Corona pandemic and limit its spread, the district police in the Kingdom's governorates and the departments of the Ministry of Interior have monitored 26596 violations of not wearing a face mask in public places and shops, and took 6030 measures to maintain social distancing, in addition to conducting 3208 awareness campaigns.

He explained that the Northern Governorate Police Department has taken its role in taking legal measures against those who are not committed to the decisions of the Coordination Committee regarding social distancing and wearing a face mask, as 6360 people have been violated for not wearing a face mask, and 1561 measures have been taken to maintain social distancing, in addition to 667 awareness campaigns. .

While the Capital Governorate Police Directorate implemented 870 awareness campaigns directed at citizens and residents to adhere to the implementation of the decisions issued about social distancing and wearing masks, and the District Police issued 4554 a violation for not wearing a face mask, and took 381 measures to maintain social distancing.

The Muharraq Governorate Police Directorate implemented a number of preventive and precautionary measures, as 1315 measures were taken to maintain social distancing, and 6,749 violations were released for not wearing a face mask, and the directorate’s police carried out 1259 field awareness campaigns in various regions of the governorate.